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Shruti Nikam

Physical Therapy, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Alliance Physical Therapy in Falls Church/ Bailey's Crossroads

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Shruti received her Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy in 2013 and continued her education and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University in California in 2018.  She has worked in various settings including inpatient, intensive care units, surgical wards, and outpatient. She has had experience in working with a wide range of patients from neonatal to geriatric and has conducted pre and postnatal pregnancy physical therapy sessions. She advanced her knowledge of various manual therapy techniques, human biomechanics and vestibular therapy for balance disorders in addition to her orthopedic outpatient experience. She likes to use a holistic approach to patient care in order to improve their functional abilities and quality of life.  Shruti enjoys working out, dancing to different styles, hiking, talking to her family, watching movies and going out with friends.