This team renewed my trust in physical therapy. The team set goals for me to get back into my 5ks and Taekwondo by the summer. They were very accommodating of my schedule. I highly recommend this team to anyone! Thank you for all of your help!

Azure-Dee H.

Very friendly and professional staff. I was in so much pain when I first came. I feel much better and would recommend them to anyone! Thanks for nursing me back to health!

Niecy T.

The staff did a outstanding job with my physical therapy on my Neck & Elbow. Highly recommended. I never met a full staff of workers, who goes above and beyond to make sure the patients are at their best. 10 stars ⭐️

Allen L.

I am very particular about writing reviews, but this is definitely worth it hence, a small gesture of thank you & appreciation to the Team of Alliance & specially Swati (a great therapist). This place is a blessing for all those people in pain and suffering specially due to an accident which is sometimes not even your fault.. Something like this happened with me a few months ago and I was referred to Alliance by my attorney, at once I was a little skeptical about the whole physical therapy process.. But, when I visited this place I met with Swati (my therapist) she really made me feel so comfortable and also a special mention to Rebecca (Front desk associate) they both were great and wonderful which immediately made me change my perception and go through the whole process of 2.5 months (15 sessions) so smoothly.. They were extremely a great balance of professionalism, efficient, pleasant, caring and a hospitable team that anyone could ask for. I was hardly able to move, sleep or work with all this pain in my shoulders, neck and back but thanks to Swati I am doing great today just like I was before I got into the accident. They were also very accommodating as per my work schedule and Rebecca at front desk would always greet you so warmly and make you feel so welcomed.. I would strongly recommend this place at a drop of the hat to anyone looking for a physical therapy treatment.

Payal M.

The therapists at Alliance Physical Therapy in Manassas Va have assisted me through vestibular therapy and exercise. as well as manual therapy. Thank you to Kirstine who set up my initial treatment plan which reduced much of my headaches through vestibular therapy. Thank you to both Swati and Kayla who have helped most notably improve my state of well-being through manual therapy.

Joshua S.

Erika was a great introduction to Alliance. She provided a seamless onboarding experience, and has happily resolved any and all administrative issues. She is truly a great asset to this company, and her positive attitude reflects this every day—they are lucky to have her. Pam and Shannon are very compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable therapists. They assess your injury(s) thoroughly, develop a plan of care, and continuously adjust/adapt as needed. I’ve watched them continuously help others, with far more complex injuries than my own. They genuinely care about their patients and dedicate every minute of their workday to help their patients reach pre-injury quality of life.

M L.

I came to Alliance with hip problems. I was having difficulty standing and sitting for long periods of time as well as sleeping. My hip would also get very sore even after going for a light jog. After my initial assessment and first few sessions Pam and Omar realized something wasn’t right with my hip and told me to go get an X Ray from a specialist, which came back showing I had a hip impingement and dysplasia which required surgery (I needed what’s known as a periacetabular osteotomy). The team helped me strengthen my muscles surrounding the hip so I would recover faster from the surgery and gave me a bunch of exercises to do at home as well. I recently had the surgery and am recovering well and am back at Alliance doing my recovery exercises where I am progressing each week. I’ll be forever grateful to Pam and Omar. They helped me treat the actual root cause of the problem instead of just telling me to come in 3 days a week, not fix anything, and waste my time and money like so many places I had been to in the past. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Good, honest people who are genuinely concerned about your welfare and getting you back to full health.

Jared K.

Great staff especially the front desk, you know who I am talking about keep making everybody smile through there pain Omar you did good work thanks for bringing me back!

William H.

As with any physical therapy you need to watch out and make sure the therapy does not make it worse. After a few weeks, there was an improvement but then on the fourth week, therapy was over done and made it worse. Other than that, the staff and receptionist were pretty nice. If I had not gotten worse and just stayed at my condition like in the third week, I would have rated it higher.

Daniel H.

They were great - I noticed a big improvement after the first visit. Although I was assigned to one person, I was treated by a team of knowledgeable professionals. I would go back again if I needed more therapy.

Joan H.

Great service and very experienced staff! Highly recommend this physical therapy facility! All of the technicians are attentive and take great care in supporting the patient through the rehab process. They are the most professional and experienced technicians I’ve experienced so far in the DMV area. Facility also has a fully equipped and locations is perfect with lots of parking spaces.

Lubaro K.

I just want to say what a wonderful team full of knowledgable and experienced employees in this facility! And I’d like to recommend this office to everybody! You will never be disappointed. I have been treated at least in four companies and I never been happy like the way I am with alliance physical therapy Keep up the good work guys! Thanks!

Abdallah A.

I had surgery on my left knee about 5 months ago. I started the therapies with Pam almost a week after my surgery and really my recovery has been very fast. The dedication with which Pam works, her professionalism, her compassion and concern for her patients, make her a unique therapist and human been . I found in Pam the support I needed for my recovery. The staff is always willing to help, the secretaries and the assistant are always people with whom you can count. I am really happy to have been able to find this place for my total recovery. I recommend Pam and all the other therapists, together they are a great team.

Nancy G.

I came to Alliance after a car accident and they have been wonderful! They've helped me heal and explained how and why certain things were happening. They're always friendly, personable and professional. I hope I don't have to, but if needed I would gladly go back to people who I can trust and who listen to me! Thank you, Alliance!

Chrissy T.

I love working with this team of professionals. Swati in particular is very personable and above all encouraging.

Rodney B.

Great staff. Efficient, caring and professional.

Lloyd K.

We visited her as students, and received very warm welcome. Dr. Gurjar is very kind and knowledgeable in this field.

Punyotai T.

I am an avid reader of reviews, but rarely post. This one is near and dear to me as I was injured 6 months ago in a car accident. The injury was minor compared to others, but the feeling was debilitating to say the least. Not only would I bring my pain and discomfort to PT, but I would also bring all the stress that came along with it. Taylor, Pam, Maria and team were great at their profession and they were great listeners. Injuries that make a paradigm shift in your day to day life puts a huge stress on your shoulders, especially if you are active. They were helpful, patient, positive, and encouraging. I especially appreciated how proactive Maria was with scheduling as I did a terrible job at committing to a set schedule. PT would start as soon as I would arrive, no time was wasted and I really appreciated that. Alliance PT is awesome, I hope I never have to go back for PT, but I would go just to say thank you ten fold!

Vishal H.

Been in for two different issues and have come out feeling strong and balanced. Breadth and depth of resources and responsive customer service. Will continue to recommend them!

David B.

Clean friendly staff staff works as a team the therapy I received after my car accident really helps. Thanks dale

Vicky D.

The team at Alliance Rehab and Physical Therapy was very nice and professional. I had hip pain for almost two years. With their hands on skills and the exercises, I began feeling better. It wasn't until I listened to their advice about stretching at home did I reach 100%. I learned that I had to do my part to help me get better. I am now able to run 4 miles without pain!! I highly recommend coming for care at this location (& listening to their advice).

Nathan P.

I received excellent care with a well thought out treatment plan. The staff is extremely caring and always cheerful. Top ratings for their personal attention to my individual needs.

Stanton P.

I was able to be seen quickly. Nice staff that goes the extra mile.

Nancy B.

Incredible Staff!! Helpful with all types of ailments, I have gone to them for over 4 years and with any issue they always willing to help me.

Josue U.

If you are thinking of starting physical therapy, stop reading this right now and call ALLIANCE PHYSICAL THERAPY on Tysons Corner. This place is fantastic, I came there twice a week for 12 weeks. The place is clean, very convenience and easy to schedule. All the people do excellent job: Pamela, Taylor and Kashaf. They are professional and awesome and willing to go above to make you better. After almost 4 months of work on my shoulder (rotator Cuff) I have officially graduated from APT and can't thank all enough. I definitely recommend this place and I guarantee you you won't be disappointed.

Hassan H.

The team at Alliance Rehab and Physical Therapy was very nice and professional. I had hip pain for almost two years. With their hands on skills and the exercises, I began feeling better. It wasn't until I listened to their advice about stretching at home did I reach 100%. I learned that I had to do my part to help me get better. I am now able to run 4 miles without pain!! I highly recommend coming for care at this location (& listening to their advice).

Nathan P.

I am extremely grateful to Taylor, Pamela and Kashaf who worked with my 9 year old daughter and her chipped knee bone. We came to physical therapy for a little over 3 months. Not only were they professional, but they were great with her as a younger patient. Would recommend the three of them without any hesitation.

Betty G.

I had to go to PT after surgery on my right knee, so I decided to try Alliance Rehab in Tysons. I have never needed PT before, so I can't comment if this place is better than anywhere else. What I can say is that I'm glad I went here, after a few months I am 99% back to my pre injury strength! I went twice a week for about five months (I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus). I was always able to get an appointment at a convenient time and day for my schedule. I typically went in the afternoon in the middle of my work day. There was always an open room so I could change before and after the workout. Everyone in the clinic is very friendly! I got to know the majority of the staff, and the relaxed atmosphere always made for a pleasant visit. My exercises were changed frequently to keep a reasonable amount of difficulty. The therapists always payed close attention to me; they made sure I was being challenged and making good progress towards my recovery goals. I hope I never need PT again, but if I do I would definitely return to Alliance in Tysons.

Jeff G.