Reviews at Willow Lawn / Richmond Area

  • my experience was wonderful. i was greeted every day with a smile. they incourage me and motivated me to do my best each day. the staff was great in explaining to me each and every exercise. i recommend the alliance physical therapy to anyone who wants to get better and wants to feel good after each session. it means alot when you have a group of therapist who care about your well being as well as your health issues. they take all your info and use it to make sure you get back yo your normal self. i thank them very much for all they have done for me. Matt is the best, along with the other therapist."

    -- Lamont A.
  • At Alliance physical therapy your more than a body parts. youre treated like a person. lisa. Stays on top of your appt. And Matt makes sure your getting the most of your therapy rehab. And makes sure your on the right track.Im gonna miss you guys. God Bless ."

    -- Tammy S.
  • From the moment I walked in the door at Alliance Physical Therapy on Broad Street, I was greeted with smiles and enthusiasm from the office manager Lisa and my physical therapist Matt. They both went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. I sustained a major knee injury resulting in me not being able to move, bend, or use it and if I tried or accidentally did, there was a lot of pain. Matt and I started from what seemed the most miniscule tasks at first and then gradually worked our way up to more challenging exercises. I always asked “why are we doing this” in reference to each exercise and he responded very kindly with an extremely professional and clinical reason, then broke it down into layman’s terms for me, which also helped me learn what was going on inside my knee. Matt’s famous words are, “Just let me know”, meaning he is not forcing anyone to do anything. He is more simply “encouraging” us to move forward in our physical therapy recovery which meant a lot to me and a lot of the other people I have seen here with Matt. He asks how things are going with the injury as soon as I get there, (pain? pain level?), and also asks how things are going in my life which made it a professional but also somewhat personal relationship which was also very helpful for me because I have been in PT with a wrist injury before. I was not able to regain full range of motion so I wasn’t expecting too much out of it for my knee. I gradually saw the progression with my knee and was so impressed with all of the knowledge Matt had shared with me. Overall I give Alliance Physical Therapy, Matt and Lisa a full 5 star rating with absolutely no hesitation. I have not only gone from crutches, a knee brace and not being able to walk, stand, bend, squat or virtually anything to now being able to all of these things with no difficulty. If you sustain an injury to any part of your body and need physical therapy, please take my word for it as someone who has seen a lot of injuries. Call Alliance Physical Therapy and ask for Matt. I’m so please with the results. Thanks Alliance!"

    -- Matt T.
  • I highly recommend this site to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. I recently underwent shoulder surgery and a friend of mine recommended this place to me. I decided to give it a shot and I can say I received some of the best care during my time there. I have undergone multiple surgeries in the past which have also required physical therapy and this was hands down the best experience I have ever had. The entire staff is very friendly and they were flexible with my work schedule. Matt is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job which makes the experience that much better. The effort and time he puts into your care really shows his dedication and I definitely benefited from it as my shoulder feels better than ever. The site itself has all the equipment needed to appropriately rehab whatever injury you may have. If the unfortunate time comes when I injure myself again, I will be coming back here!"

    -- Sean M.
  • Alliance Physical Therapy is great! Matt is so professional and knowledgeable. I felt like he really was concerned about my issue and he worked hard to help me get back to my pre-injury activity level. I would recommend them to everyone!"

    -- Ann C.
  • Although I am from out of town and my prescription was from a doctor in Miami, the office staff made my appointment as easy and efficient as if I was a neighbor. I was greeted very warmly and never had to wait to see my therapist. My therapist, Matt Burress was courteous and communicative. He balanced hands-on techniques with educating me to new ways of movement, giving me a more accurate mind-body awareness and understanding of the root causes of my problem. I appreciated how attentive Mr. Burress was to my musculature and not only focussing on my skeletal condition and that he did some research to look into the precursors of my condition, (decades with a Harrington Rod and fusion); he offered a very positive and balanced approach for me to work with beyond our sessions together that I continue on my own. My goal was to gain greater mobility in the cervical spine and to understand better why my neck had become so inflexible and Matt was able to help me achieve this understanding and work toward greater flexibility right away. In four sessions we were both amazed at the improvement in my range of motion. Matt was able to describe exactly what was going on and reassure me that I could do these exercises without further detriment or pain. Although I still suffer some pain when turning my head, especially after sitting for any length of time, my understanding of the pain is different and I now know that I have ways to work with it to ameliorate it naturally so that I am not relying on anti-inflammatories alone. I am less afraid of the sharp pains and that makes a big difference in my day to day life! I could not be more grateful to Matt Burress and the staff of Alliance Physical Therapy. Thank you!"

    -- Suzyn K.

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