Joshua Summers, Physical Therapy, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

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Joshua Summers

Physical Therapy, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Alliance Physical Therapy in Fairfax

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Joshua earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University in 2012. After graduation he became a traveling physical therapist, gaining clinical experience working in 8 different cities across VA before settling down in Northern VA. His clinical interests include functional movement screening, enhancing optimal sports performance, and creating comprehensive rehabilitation programs by breaking down integrated bio-mechanics. Joshua prides himself in going above and beyond for each patient by individualizing their own unique program. By individualizing the programs, and staying away from cookie cutter approaches, it promotes long term success by teaching the tools needed in order to maintain rehab progress once discharged. In his spare time Joshua enjoys golfing, attending DC sporting events (CAPS, Nats, Wizards), and spending time with his friends/family at the beach.  His overall goal is to get each patient back to doing what they love; whether that is picking up their grandchildren, driving to the grocery store, walking on the beach during the next family vacation, hiking the Shenandoah trails, returning to playing a round of golf, or maximizing an athlete’s performance to the next level.