Kartiki Suradkar

Physical Therapist

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Alliance Physical Therapy in Fairfax

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Kartiki received her Masters in Health Sciences with Majors in Orthopedics in 2018 from the University of Indianapolis. Since graduation, she had the opportunity to work in various settings including outpatient clinics, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted living facilities. Her goal is to provide a comprehensive treatment program to all of her patients. She focuses on performing a detailed evaluation, utilizing evidence-based treatment methods, and incorporating patient's goals in the plan of care to bring about the best outcomes. She has previously worked in outpatient and home health settings in India and holds a certification in Neuro-dynamic solutions and looks forward to taking training in order to be certified in Manual Therapy and DN. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors with friends, reading books, dancing, playing tennis, and cooking.