They are excellent in getting you back to your daily activities

Stephanie Hardy

The staff were wonderful to work with.

Tereaka Taylor

When I came to Alliance, I was fearful of what to expect. But I was reassured from the front desk all the way through. Everyday was challenging but I never felt like I wasn't going to be better. They listened to every crazy question and helped ease my pain. I'm so happy I went there. My pain is tolerable and I can call them with any questions. Thanks. Vinny and the Colonial Heights team.

Bonnie Parham

Everyone was so AMAZING! The time and individual attention they took in helping me get better was very positive. I couldn't ask for a better team, from the doctor's to ALL the staff at Colonial Heights, they have become my family now and I'm grateful for all their help. Keep up the Great work guys and ladies.

M. Evans

Wonderful I would definitely recommend Alliance Physical Therapy the staff is great I walked in barely able to move and in pain over 80% in my body when I finished my therapy I walked out feeling great no pain and a 100% range of motion and lost weight as well.Definitely the place to go absolutely wonderful thanks Guys for all you have done .

D. Griffin

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