I have to say that ALL the staff  members at Alliance Physical Therapy is by far the most professional and hands on therapist I've ever work with.  They assign and work with you on all your exercises.   Unlike others who observe you by watching .  They actually measure monitor and ensure that you are doing all the assigned exercises correctly  on each and every visit.  I'd like to give a special thanks to my therapist Swati and Berhanau

Clydea PerkinsAllaire

I recieved excellent care. A courteous, knowledgeable and professional staff here that really takes the time to make sure the exercises are being done properly and that progress is correctly monitored. I arrived here with pain and discomfort and did a really great job. Thank you.

Mario Desimoni

Very friendly and accommodating staff!  I can work at my own pace, and a Therapist is always available to answer any questions or to guide me through my therapy.

Kim Allison

If you are in need of a hand therapist, I highly recommend Najwa. She truly cares about her patients well being, comfort and progress. The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful which makes it easier to relax while going thru therapy. The whole staff are wonderful and they help each other out, like a family!

Chris Fanning

The most professional and knowledgeable therapist I have encountered. They showed compassion and care for my needs at all times. As well as helping me meet and establish my goals on the road to recovery. I can't say enough about this facility!! Highly recommend to anyone who needs to overcome their injuries and get back to their normal self! 10 out of 5 stars!

Nicholas Talbert

This place has been such an amazing  help to get me back 100%. I never been in an accident that has cause me to need physical therapy.  This place has taken me in with open arms.  The staff and physicians were wonderful.  I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else to be heal. Thanks so much !!

Gray Knight

Friendly and accommodating staff.  Najwa Wallschlaeger is an excellent and professional hand specialist (works on the entire arm).  She stays on top of her education and is extremely knowledgeable... A true expert in her field.  I have seen her for two shoulder surgeries and one hand bone reconstructive surgery.  My medical surgeons have been very pleased with Najwa's therapy and my progress.

Amanda Purchase

UPDATE: It has been only slightly more than 6 months since my surgery.  My doctor told me that I should expect to take at least 1 year to "recover" and then we would re-evaluate the need for more.  We both know that more will be needed in the future, but for right now, he has taken if off of the table!  I shocked him with how well my arm is responding, and I owe 99% of it to the staff at Alliance.  They push you just far enough to get you past what you feel your limitations are..and with great success!!!  Thank you Gaby, Lucy, Grecia, Matt, Najwa,, Swati and everyone else for your help!!  You have my never-ending gratitude!
I had just had rotator cuff repair surgery and was very nervous about finding a new PT.  My previous PT had to close her office.  Either way, Gaby responded to my messages quickly and always with a positive spin!!  Najwa rearranged her schedule to accommodate my husband's work schedule.  There are not many in the medical profession who will do that!!
Now having gone there for 3 months, I feel at home.  Lucy and Grecia at the front desk are fast and efficient, and all PT's there help each other.  
If you need PT, I highly recommend giving them a call!!  You will have the warm cozy feeling of being with friends that you know have your back!! :)

Sherri Fortun

Best physical therapy Office I have being treated. Great frienly staff, bilingual and professionals. Therapist ate great and front desk are awesome, flexible hours and good location.

Isaias Flores

The staff is very friendly and welcoming. They also take time to listen to my problem and help me with my therapy. I would recommend Alliance Physical therapy to anyone who needs recovery.

emmanuel joseph

Great staff helped me come back from a pretty bad work injury to my hand and arm Najwa the OT there helped my hand tremendously I highly recommend her if your having hand issues and swati the physical therapist has brought my strength back I'm so grateful for all the hard work they put in with me...

Pete Woodson

Each PT and PTA was helpful, friendly and accommodating to each patients needs. The front desk staff were polite and welcoming each visit.  Definitely worth the experience!!  :)

natifa brown

All the girl r great. Kristen is excellent also 
Novita is very good too.  I am feeling better thanks to all the help I’ve had.

peggy mccarthy

Friendly and open many hours and Saturday

Ziggyzag Zi

A very pleasant treatment for 6 weeks. Staff was great and accommodating.

Carlo Solomon

Nice, courteous, and very knowledgeable staff

Samuel Ashamole

The service they have given me here has been excellent. They are very professional and always for them the patient is first they attend him well they are friendly and they are flexible with the schedule.

Mario Carlos Alfaro

5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating

laura harsh

5 Star Rating

Greg Holmes-Brown

5 Star Rating

Deysi Reyes

5 Star Rating

Keith Fisher

Awesome people!’They make you feel welcome, very flexible schedules and profesional therapist. Thank you so much!

Jenny Sanchez

I enjoy every visit to Alliance. Staff are welcoming and kind. They accommodate always and are great with appointment reminders. 
Overall, very grateful for this experience I'll never forget.

David Trejo

Great facility and even better people! Got me back to running which I am forever thankful for!

William Swofford

I was referred to Alliance Physical Therapy in Manassas after getting rear ended by an inattentive driver on her phone. The staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Karen, my primary therapist really helped me out by thoroughly explaining the stretches and exercises, and how they are correcting my condition. I found that quite helpful instead of just explaining how to perform a stretch or exercise without knowing why I’m doing it. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it made to go to Alliance Physical Therapy. Upon my last session, Karen gave me a copy of my HEP - Home Exercise Program of the stretches and exercises I was doing at the therapy clinic. These will be invaluable because I can continue with this regimen on my own time. I took notes and combined with the handout, I am set if I forget how to do a stretch or an exercise. I did not think to ask for a copy of the HEP, and that is how the staff is - they are always thinking about the patient and do their best to look out for us. That’s rare in today’s highly complex and busy world. I’d give them 10 stars if I could, and I want to say that the clinic is extremely clean, and fully equipped to handle your aches and pains. Everyone from the doctor, receptionist and all of the therapists were outstanding, knowledgeable and friendly. And yes I do highly recommend their services!

S. Gomes

I recommend this PT place. I actually felt better during my first session with Swati! She explains and shows each PT exercise very well. I didn’t want to leave as the immediate relief from pain is so awesome and freeing, especially at my very first visit! Everyone is nice there. You can just be yourself.  Relaxing atmosphere. Kenya at the front desk is very kind and scheduled my visits with the days and times best for me. She made scheduling so easy and stress-free. Thank you, Alliance Physical Therapy! I appreciate the help in getting back to my stronger physical self.

Nguyen R.

My Daughter has been coming here for  16 weeks now after surgery on her right Knee. The Staff is very Professional & Friendly! They are really Patience & Understanding with us when we're running Late or having Reschedule some appointments. I would HIGHLY recommend this Place to anyone looking for a Great Caring  Staff & Extended Late hours during the week & they're also open on Saturdays. Thank You Alliance Physical Therapy Staff for all you do in making my daughter feel supported & cared for during her whole Recovery Process.

S. Chhann