Ive been coming for a couple weeks and everyone has been fantastic. Im currently being treated for a fractured wrist and Deidre the OT is so welcoming and kind. The staff is also very helpful and nice. Would definitly recommend this place.

Etelvina G.

Who knew PT could not only be effective, but also a lot of fun? The folks who work here know their stuff and have really helped me out, and at the same time, they make it enjoyable to come in a few times a week.

Ann W.

Everyone at alliance PT are the best, I was there for 2 months. The beginning stage was horrible for me because I was car accident and basically my whole right side was injured from that. They work with me and didn’t push me beyond my breaking point they have the Greatest and nicest staff ever!!!! I really love those guys they got me threw so much and I left in the bested shape ever and now I’m in the gym continuing my workout plan thank you!! Alliance I was training at the one on broad street in willow lawn.

Brandon A.

The team at Alliance PT was really nice, respectful and enthusiasm. These guys did a great job during my rehabilitation. No doubt that these therapies helped my sister-in-law and me a lot! 100% recommended. Thanks for everything.

Andreina Q.

The staff here is absolutely the best hands down. The staff members work together to make the day flow smoothly for the clients. " do you need a break" "are you ok" "can I get you anything" are just some of the questions they ask throughout you session. It's like a little family unit .Best therapy experience ever. I will continue to use the tools given and shown to me in my everyday life. Thanks so much for your services. My dream team JORDAN ,ARIANN ( LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE)AND TREVOR

Patricia H.

Great center for Physical Therapy! Trevor was very attentive and was spot on to determine the correct treatment to reduce the pain quickly and strengthen / stretch the muscles. All the staff were very professional and courteous. Thank you VERY Much!

Karen H.

It had Truly Been a Great Experience @ Alliance Physical Therapy, The Dr. and all those from the Front Desk Customer Service, to each physical Therapist ARE AWESOME, Very Polite, Professional, and all go that extra mile to make you feel confident, and assured my safety on each equipment/I experienced excellent care, and guidance provided through for all my routine health needs. I would not have been given such one on one hands on treatment at other health care facilities. I will never forget the way, I was treated like a VIP on each visit, and how each individual did a fantastic job!! Always genuine Smiles, and kindness. I Rate Alliance Physical Therapy Above 5 stars! I will truly miss the Customized Care. Given!!! Thanks You ALL for a Wonderful Recovery Experience!!! I'm forever Grateful to experience the BEST EVER Physical Therapy!!!!

Leona J.

I loved getting help from Alliance physical therapy. They were very kind and motivational every step of the way to get me back on track. I would highly recommend this place.

Shaunie I.

Alliance is the most professional, caring rehab I have every visit. They are like family. Trust me I know the difference because I have visit and was treated at other rehabilitation centers. If you. want a caring knowledgeable staff go to Alliance Physical Therapy.

Catherine B.

Dey make sure u get ur body back and running! I visited da one on Midlothian and downtown which is by Willow lawn most of dem r very friendly... I really enjoyed Jordan he works at da front desk at da Colonial Heights location and helps a lot with scheduling u round ur work hours! He rocks for that!

Trina W.

The gang at Alliance are great to work with. They will put you through a tough work out but only to your limits. Would recommend them for anyone.

Diana S.

the staff were super friendly and real helpful. they helped me make a speedy recovery.

Chad W.

I would recommend anyone has been injury and need a good team of professional to put you back together. My experience with this facility has been nothing but awesome. I had a dream team of profession-or who saw to my rehabilitation, Very knowledgeable and care people. From Colonial Heights to Richmond. Five stars could not describe the love and care this team of doctors and therapist has for their patient. I witness first hand how the treat their clients (from the young to elderly). Thank you Alliance Physical Therapy for help me recover from car accident .

Ronald B.

The staff was very friendly, I'd recommend this facility to anyone. It wasn't easy but I'm so glad that the trainers took their time and worked with me.

Dijon G.

Great experience and journey I had here ! Coming in with a pulled quad muscle to getting back to my normal activities in no time! All thanks to Trevor, Arienne, and Jordan ! I definitely recommend them! Very one on one with clients and very friendly ! Ask for anyone of them !

Jalex J.

Loved the whole staff! Will be returning when I have my Knee surgery done :-) Thanks for everything!

Claudia B.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my treatment. The staff is caring and courteous.

Kelly M.

This place is amazing! The staff are very friendly and willing to work with my schedule. They did a great job customizing a unique treatment plan to help me with my knee pain so I could spend 6 months backpacking along the Appalachian Trail. I would highly recommend them.

Christine W.

AWESOME Alliance Physical Therapy - Colonial Heights, VA!!!! I was in a car accident and was banged up pretty bad with neck, back, knee and hands. The staff at AWESOME Alliance in Colonial Heights is simply the BEST! The entire crew was both kind and considerate. The therapists and assistants were compassionate, caring, supportive and encouraging during this difficult time for me. When I got frustrated and wanted to just give up the therapists stayed in there with me and helped me get through. Alliance PT has been very effective and thorough in my rehabilitation. Many thanks to Cassy, Nate, Arianne, Jordan and Treavor! I couldn't have done it without you! Chao! Nikki

PhoenikZ E.

I'D like to thank everyone that works at Alliance Physical Therapy!! TO: Trevor, Arianne & Jordan 💙🏈⚜ y'all are Amazing, Encouraging, Cearing, Tought, Fun, Patient & The Truth.... I can't say Thank You anuff yah!! miss y'all I'm glad I made the right choice and came to Alliance Physical Therapy in Colonial Heights y'all are 5* in my book Who Dat !!!

Akeemia H.

Nate, Rob and Hollie and all the PT assistants did an amazing job helping me get back to my normal routines after my car accident. They are great physical therapists. I definitely recommend Alliance Physical Therapy.

Yaa D.

I got recommended to Alliance Physical therapy after a car accident and within no time I was back to feeling like my normal self again. Rob and Nate were awesome to work with and they are very hands on. I felt so comfortable around everyone and if I ever need to go to physical therapy again I will definitely come back.


I love it there. The staff is amazing and very friendly. The environment is positive and friendly. They work closely with you to help you achieve the goal that was prepared by you and the therapist.

Tiffany S.

Wonderful place to go if you need PT.... the people are grate and down to earth and they focus on getting you better. I really love this place wish my session wasn't over... overall good experience

Johnnie M.

This was my first time going to PT. I found this one on the internet and was a little unsure of what I would encounter when I got there. At my first appointment, I was truly impressed with the PT who took so much time to listen to my complaints. Frank was wonderful and showed a very caring attitude. He was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable each time I had a treatment. The receptionist was also very friendly and helped me with insurance questions. She also worked diligently to make the appointments fit my schedule. They went above and beyond to make sure my treatments were helping me. I highly recommend this facility if any one needs therapy for what ever reason.

Laura P.

Nat, Cassie, Rob, Alex, Holly & Jordan were a big help throughout my program at alliance. Thank you so much guys 😊

Christen M.

I'm now out of physical therapy and very grateful that I came to Alliance. I had chosen to come there because the P.T. impressed me with how positive, skilled and knowledgeable he was. It took me some time to recover from a car crash, but thanks to the treatment I received I'am now happily back to my normal life.


Great place. This was my second time here. They got me back in tip-top shape in no time.

Jessica N.

Awesome therapists

Karen F.

Great place and workers

Coby D.

I have been using Alliance for physical and concussion therapy for several months. I came in with multiple ligament, joint and muscle issues on top of my neurological complications from a 3 car pile up. Every step of the way the staff was comforting, knowledgeable and understanding. They provided me the knowledge and the means to work towards my goal of returning me to as close as I can to normal. If I ever need to receive physical or concussion therapy again, I will be returning. Shout out to Trevor and C.J and all the people at the Colonial Heights and Richmond locations. I would say everyone's names but I can't remember them lol. But everyone was great to work with. Highly recommended.

Stephanie G.

I was so glad to find this place! Always very friendly and willing to work around my schedule when making my appointments. I had back pain that I thought I would always have and I am feeling great now!!!! Very clean place and very professional! I highly recommend going here!!

Diane K.

Both OT and PT works well with a variety of conditions. They will try to understand exactly what you need, and then create therapies for you.

Amber L.

Dr. Dan Miles is awesome!!!! Had a shoulder issue and he's been lending his knowledge and expertise to get me to a speedy recovery. Excellent facility, excellent staff, awesome experience!!!

D P.

If you want a place where someone micromanaged you from the first visit till months later, then this probably isn't the place for you. What I love about this PT is they stick with you every step of the way till about a few weeks out and then let you guide yourself through the exercises. There's always someone there watching if you have any questions. It's one giant room so if you're shy you might not like that. They have a ton of equipment, their staff is very friendly and highly trained, easy to schedule/reschedule appointments, and they provide the best exercises and stretches for your injury type. I was in a car accident and have been working closely with them for 2 months now. I will miss them when I'm gone but they have truly helped my neck and back when I didn't think I'd feel the same again. I highly recommend this place!

Amanda R.

One negative that is the therapist cannot focus on you only, he might train other people and lose the concentrate on you. However, this place helped me recover my knee and ankle injury. The therapist is well trained and he knows what exactly is he doing.Also you can simply find the great time for your schedule. So far, I would recommend you to go and try their therapy.

Mohannad A.

I was referred by my doctor to Alliance following a car accident. The Fairfax location could take me immediately and I could move to the Tyson's facility the following week since the latter is closer to my home. However, once my treatment began at Fairfax, I did not want to move to another location. The treatments have helped me tremendously and I have benefited from having the 3 therapists work with me: Kirsten, Dan, and Joyce. Their assistant Tammy is a true professional and always a breath of fresh air. I was completely unaware of the impact this treatment could have on the body, but with their guidance, encouragement, and treatment, I have improved greatly. The receptionist, Lucy, is always accommodating and delightful. If you are in need of Physical Therapy, I highly recommend this location. With this group of professionals, you will work hard and have fun, all while improving!!

Julie B.

I went to Alliance Rehabilitation after my knee surgery. It was very easy to book an appointment. I got my appointment with 24 hours. I reached 5 minutes before my appointment time and filled out my paperwork. I was called back within 5 minutes. The receptionist was very polite and my physical therapist was very knowledgable. I finished my treatment with my knee back to normal. The staff is very friendly and my therapists addressed all my concerns. I really liked the individualized attention.

C R.