Having relocated to Virginia from North Carolina. I now know what a hand therapist is supposed to be and do. Thank You Kim and Dakota. The care and attention paid to me and every client who is fortunate to receive it is PHENOMENAL. If you want individualized care by professionals who not only excell at what they do but in addition care about you as a patient. Come to Woodbridge Alliance Therapy. Rest assured you will be treated as a Client and Not a Diagnosis.

Hatley L.

I suffered a chemical burn as well as a mobility injury to my dominant hand in a car accident. The wound covered 40% of the back of my hand, major swelling around my wrist, and disheartening grip strength. That was August 4, 2017 and I'm proud to say that yesterday was my last session. The scar is invisible unless I point it out and my mobility is back at 100%. I'm beyond grateful for what they've done for me, to them it may have been just a job but to me that was my livelihood. I'm not saying I couldn't have recovered, but in the time and efficiency that they've achieved, would've taken me at least another 6 months. I'm certain if left up to me my wound would've never healed properly, leaving a massive scar. If you want results, go here, I'll say again they know their sh¡t. Great people, great environment, great support, and I wish you the best if you make the wise decision to go there.

Jullian H.

(Translated by Google) Dr. Kim Hartman and physical therapy Alliance Woodbridge staff is amazing. I suffered a terrible fall that gave rise to rip me four ligaments in my right wrist. Because surgery and in a cast for 8 weeks. After that period was referred to Dr. Kim Hartman and was the best for me. Dr. Hartman and his staff go me on the right track at an astonishing improvement in strength and flexibility with my injured wrist. The facilities are incredibly clean and have the latest equipment. Everyone is so friendly and take good care of you. Its programming is very flexible for your daily needs so they can work with you. Hartman goes further to ensure that your paitents get the quality care they need. If you need a hand therapist look no further than what is in the best physical therapy center in Woodbridge Alliance V.A. (Original) El Dr. Kim Hartman y la terapia física de la Alianza del personal de Woodbridge es increíble. Sufrí de una caída terrible que me dio lugar a rasgar cuatro ligamentos en mi muñeca derecha. Debido a una cirugía y estar en un yeso por 8 semanas. Después de ese período estaba refiere al Dr. Kim Hartman y fue lo mejor para mí. El Dr. Hartman y su personal me van en el camino correcto a una mejora asombrosa en fuerza y flexibilidad con mi muñeca lesionada. Las instalaciones son increíblemente limpias y tienen el último equipo. Todo el mundo es tan amable y cuidar muy bien de ti. Su programación es muy flexible para sus necesidades diarias para que puedan trabajar con usted. Hartman va más allá para asegurarse de que su paitents obtener la atención de calidad que necesitan. Si usted necesita un terapeuta de la mano no busque más lo mejor está en el centro de terapia física de la Alianza en Woodbridge V.A.

Paul S.

Personable and knowledgeable therapists' and staff! Always a pleasure to receive and go through the treatment necessary for my expedient recovery. Thank you for your help!!

Anthony S.

These few months have been wonderful. This is my first experience with physical therapy and it was amazing. Very clean facility and amazing friendly. Dr. Kim Hartman is in a class by herself. Kim and her entire staff helped me with a horrible injury of me tearing four ligaments in my wrist. Since the surgery and removal of my cast in August my improvement in strength and mobility in my wrist is phenomenal. They have the latest equipment and techniques that will get you back in motion. If you were ever have the need to experience the Dr. Kim Hartman physical therapy treatment you will be amazed. She loves her job and cares deeply about making the recovering process of a injury so at ease. I would recommend her to anyone that is in need of a hand therapist.

Paul S.